About Us

Qingdao Yilong Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Since 1997, we focus on rotary fill and seal packaging machines and formulated the national standard & industrial standard in China. We have enough experience and solutions for different customers’ requirements. And we keep on improving solutions according to real changes.

We could always offer detailed proper solutions and one-stop service for packaging according to customers’ different requirements with 3 facilities, 200+ employees, and 2 R&D centers. We could offer special solutions and specially designed machines according to customers’ detail requirements. We could offer OEM and ODM services.  And we offer after-sales service in America, Europe, Asia, etc.

You Want To Pack

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Giving you faster production and more profitability.

  • Stable & Easy

    Stable & Easy

    More stable with faster speed even running at 50 bags per minute Easy to operate with touch screen and maintain. About only 10 minutes to change the bag sizes.
  • Save Energy & Materials

    Save Energy & Materials

    Low energy consumption. PLC control if there is no open bag, there is no fill. If no fill then no seal.
  • Remote Control & Customized Service

    Remote Control & Customized Service

    Remote control and help for the software program part. Customized professional solutions and services for clients.